Philadelphia Branding Design for University Language Program
Philadelphia Website Design for Language Research
Website design Philadelphia Higher Education
Website designer Philadelphia
Website design Philadelphia Higher Education

Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) creates, collects, and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for linguistics research. Language Arc is one of many LDC projects, this one providing an entire infrastructure for citizens and scientists to create and manage their own language projects. The big story here, though, is not the sleek logo and (if we do say so) gorgeous web interface for this technically complex website. The story is how Demitri Pagonis, our award-winning graphic designer with the heart and skills of a true geek, worked hand-in-hand with LDC’s inside folks, some of the most sophisticated website developers ever to code a CSS. Demitri never met a pixel he didn’t like and showed off both sets of his skills, on this modern, cutting-edge graphic design that makes the complicated under-the-hood workings inviting and accessible. For more fun with language, check out the language games portal we also designed for LDC, Lingo Boingo.

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