Malish & Pagonis is a full-service Philadelphia graphic design company. We help large and small businesses shape their message in print or on the web. The complementary skills of the principals ensure projects that are organic, engaging and compelling in multiple media. We are graphic designers with a wide network of writers, researchers, SEO specialists and printers who can address our clients’ needs and resources effectively. Green solutions have always been a priority for us. As two people running a small business, we naturally look for the most cost-effective, sustainable solution to every challenge.

Our Expertise Includes:


You know your business.  But distilling your capabilities and experience into company logos and marks design is easier to do from a step back.  We understand how to communicate the essential qualities of your business in a graphic way.  It’s what we do.

Website Design and Development

We will get you started. Then you can take over. A clean, tailored WordPress website that we design for you will allow you to keep content updated from any computer. No IT degree required.


Show, don’t tell. Readership attention span is short for every annual report, non-profit report, policy brief or self-published ebook. We can make your ideas come to life graphically, and help you to communicate the goals for your target audience.

Social Policy Research

Whether you’re writing a lengthy research report, a short brief for policymakers or a guide for program staff, the right graphic design makes a tremendous difference. We will help you identify the goals and audience for your publication, and then develop a graphic approach that brings your words and ideas to life.

Pixels & Print

Cover all the bases. We have extensive experience designing projects that feature both printed and digital components, including marketing materials, websites, email blasts and PowerPoint presentations. From pixels to print, we have you covered.


We think organically. Limiting our carbon footprint is an element of every project, particularly our extensive work for botanical gardens, landscape design, the natural sciences and architecture. It keeps us well-grounded.

Video Editing

We have art directed video shoots, assembled multi-camera footage and synchronized audio/video tracks. We’ve designed titles and lower third graphic overlays to match look and feel of a website or brand the video is created for.

Ad Hoc Solutions

Responsive, nimble, resourceful. We are able to solve immediate needs, because sometimes it’s not about the big picture. Call us for website updates, simple brochures, photo retouching, video editing, and snafu solutions…because even small graphic design projects have to meet your standards.