Malish & Pagonis is a full-service Philadelphia graphic design company. We help businesses large and small to shape their message on the web or in print and to reach the audience they seek.

As tech-savvy graphic designers, we create an aesthetic that conveys the client’s message simply yet powerfully, using cutting-edge techniques and tools. We have the latest equipment in the studio, and our comprehensive understanding of technology allows us to interface with our clients seamlessly and develop a high-quality product on budget.

Our team is rounded out by a wide network of trusted writers, marketing strategists, researchers, and printers who are ready to address our clients’ needs too.

We run a people-focused business. There’s no corporate-speak here. We listen and respond to our clients, working with them personally to meet their expectations, no matter how complex the project. It is truly a team effort.

Our rigorous attention to detail is legendary—just ask the clients we’ve worked with and retained over our 25 years in business. We will take your project from concept through to print production or website launch in a streamlined, efficient manner. No drama.

Whether digital or print, we have the know-how, and we can call on the expertise of our team of writers, editors, and marketing strategists to build out every project.


We have been one of the Philadelphia area’s leading graphic design firms for more than two decades. Among our clients are universities, architecture firms, large organizations, and start-up businesses, and we provide them with the most cost-effective, sustainable solution to every challenge. Sleek, clear design is our specialty, and we know how to convey data without clutter.

Among our specific niches are:

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We have been working with the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry for decades, and our knowledge of the field informs the websites we design and build. We understand what AEC clients need their websites to do—our design sets them apart from the crowd and emphasizes the unique qualities of each practice. We know this industry and how to communicate effectively to their audience.

One of our specialties is working with a firm to create a revamped brand identity when it changes leadership or brings on new partners. Our depth of experience and understanding of the dynamics helps guide the process as smoothly as possible.

While brand identity work is a major undertaking for a business, we also help AEC clients in all facets of their day-to-day marketing efforts. We use simple, elegant formats that can be produced and updated in-house for efficiency. Typical projects include designing marketing campaigns or proposal templates and other materials that help our clients to streamline their business development efforts.

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College and university clients need graphic design that can easily be refreshed for a rapidly changing audience. We design websites that can be updated by inside personnel—a popular strategy that is cost-conscious, nimble, and resourceful. While our websites are designed for a particular subset, they have to work within university guidelines. We are tech-savvy and can communicate effectively with university IT departments to make sure that our code works in their environment.

We’re not all digital—we also design attractive brochures and other materials for high school and college admissions departments, ensuring that the first impression is a powerful one.

We also have the experience and knowledge that lets us appeal directly to particular audiences. Just as we know how to design websites to attract students, we understand how to create materials that will engage the wider audience of parents, families and philantropists.

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We admit it: This is an area that has a special place in our heart. One of our principals is an experienced gardener and beekeeper, and as a company, we are committed to protecting the environment.

We offer a guiding hand to horticulturalists or environmental activists who are interested in self-publishing. We understand that cost is key for individuals or small nonprofits, and we work with them to make it affordable to publish a brochure, book, or catalog; create a simple, effective website; or launch a new identity or product.

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These topics change rapidly as researchers make advances and medical breakthroughs occur. We help companies, academics, and medical facilities share their news as it happens. Of course this involves presenting complex themes and a lot of data. No problem: We are skilled at designing clever infographics that educate readers rather than intimidate. Facts at a glance.

We are also aware of the need to be sensitive to the target audience and to adapt the tone of the website or brochure so it fits. For example, for patients and families affected by the devastating genetic disease RDEB, we designed a butterfly logo that symbolizes a new trial treatment working on diseased cells, conveying hope and strength. The website for the company running the trial, on the other hand, is serious and professional, all business.

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Even just the word “research” can make people expect dry and dull. Well, we don’t do “dry and dull.” Whether it’s a lengthy research report, a short brief for policymakers, or a guide for program staff, we know the right graphic design makes a tremendous difference. We will help a client identify the goals and audience for their publication, and then we’ll develop a customized graphic approach that brings their words and ideas to life.

Complex data presented in a clear, attractive format can be a powerful tool. We design publications that are accessible and easy to read onscreen or in print for a variety of respected public policy, community, and nonprofit organizations. As self-confessed data geeks ourselves, we can make charts, graphs, figures, and tables sing.


We are the principals at Malish & Pagonis, and We’ve worked together for more than 25 years, honing our creative skills and priding ourselves on being on the cutting-edge of tech advances. Want a ready-to-drive website that you can update yourself? We’ll design it, build it, code it. How about clean, visually compelling infographics? Print publications that illuminate a subject, attract new business, or promote a cause? Consider it done. With our complementary skill sets, we haven’t met a project we can’t handle.

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You know your business. But it’s easier to distill your capabilities and experience from a step back. We understand how to communicate the essential qualities of your business in a graphic way. It’s what we do. We find we often need to help a client figure out what they want to say, so we’ve developed a process that is painless and works.

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Clients come to us because we can design, build, and code a website, all in our own studio. They leave with full control of their new site—they can update the content whenever they want, no IT degree required.

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From invitation systems for a charitable event or a series of publications for a national social policy organization, we have the experience to bring your materials from concept through production.

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We have a print production expert on staff who guides clients through the whole process, from raw copy to glossy brochure. Whether you choose paper or PDF (we’re happy to discuss the cost savings), we can make your ideas come to life graphically and help you communicate your goals in the best way for your target audience. Nonprofits and businesses alike appreciate our attention to detail and talent for complementing text with infographics and stunning photography.

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We cover all the bases. We have extensive experience designing projects with both printed and digital components, including marketing materials, websites, email blasts, and PowerPoint presentations. Why hire different firms for each component? We are nimble, and we pride ourselves on knowing every facet of design and production. We don’t delegate, we do the work.

Many projects are more complicated than just a website. Often we are asked to create a logo as well, then maybe ads and handouts. We are dedicated to each client and their project, and this results in cohesiveness in the work and cost-effectiveness on the bottom line. It’s also a great way to build strong business relationships.

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We have extensive experience in digital production services such as photo retouching, digital composition, and video production. Video has become a useful tool for conveying different kinds of information and engaging visitors online. We have art-directed video shoots, assembled multi-camera footage, and synchronized audio/video tracks. We’ve designed video titles and lower-third graphic overlays to match the look and feel of a website or brand.

In addition to providing photo retouching services to local photographers, we have art-directed complex photo shoots on-site that involved advanced imagery compositing.