Poster Graphic Design for University of Pennsylvania Summer Program
Recruitment Poster - Cover
UPenn Summer Program Recruitment Poster Open
Recruitment Poster - First Spread
Graphic Design for ESAP Summer Engineering Program 2023-poster
Recruitment Poster Interior
Poster Design for Engineering Summer Program - Interior
Recruitment Poster Detail
Direct Mail
Direct Mail - Interior

The Engineering Summer Academy offered by Penn Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania is an intensive three-week summer program for high-school students interested in robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other STEMmy-like things. (And they get a taste of big-city campus life in the bargain!). During a long-term relationship with the Engineering Summer Academy, M&P developed fresh branding, including the name for the program.

For the 2023 edition, the brochure (a part of the recruitment materials that are sent to high school science faculty) became a poster, featuring the six programs and was printed using metallic ink. The project also included an alumni newsletter and a direct mail campaign.


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