Philadelphia Web Design Pharma
Philadelphia Web Design Pharma
Philadelphia Web Design Pharma

Castle Creek Biosciences develops personalized therapies for patients who live with underserved disorders and have high, unmet medical needs. Yet this 21st Century life-sciences company was living with a website that wasn’t as sophisticated, in design or technology, as befit a company on the leading-edge of medical technology. Though built on the WordPress platform, the previous version of the site locked-out the client from controlling the back end of the website, making it dependent on outsiders for something as simple as adding a new blog post. We redesigned the site from top to bottom, giving the client full control, and showcasing its new brand identity (that was us, too) on a sleek, dynamic, new website that’s user friendly and tells the stories of the company and its patients. And those powerful infographics? Ours, too. When your website needs a check-up, we bring the art and science to the cure.

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