Located in Stanford California, The Carnegie Foundation tackles longstanding inequities in educational outcomes by using the latest research and improvement science to support K-12 leaders as they strive to improve their performance.

In 2021 the Carnegie Foundation introduced new leadership, who brought fresh energy and direction to the organization, emphasizing equity and postsecondary attainment. When the Foundation wanted a new look to match its refreshed team and mission, M&P began by reimagining the existing logo: a stylized tree that included a trunk that formed “C” and “F” letterforms. The result was a colorful (some say breathtaking) new mark that was familiar to its audience, with a respectful nod to the Foundation’s history. This striking new, colorful design signaled a bold change to match the organization’s forward-thinking approach. In 2022, this new branding was utilized for a new series of reports by the Foundation.

Translating concepts into easy-to-read printed reports or Web articles can be tricky. Luckily we have years of experience working for think-tanks, foundations, and nonprofits. The Carnegie Foundation trusted us to share their mission, and we were happy to respond.


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