The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation (BTAF) is the voice for reason in the contentious debate over the Specialized High School Admissions Test and the need to improve racial and ethnic diversity in specialized schools. But organizing 136 pages of content on the subject is another discussion. Clients often hand us a slew of documents, all different in style and tone, and task us with creating a printed piece that is compelling and coherent. In this report, our mission was to assemble a thousand-piece puzzle that guides readers through personal testimonies, official reports, newspaper articles, and statistic-filled graphics. We separated sections with the classic BTAF school shield and used a combination of newspaper titles and different typefaces to introduce print articles. We gave the content lots of visual breathing room to make it all less intimidating and to encourage readers to  explore and absorb the many pieces of the debate. From a pile of pieces to a sleek, persuasive report: we put it all together.

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