We all have secrets and here’s ours: not only is one of our principals, Penelope Malish, a brilliant graphic designer, she’s also a degreed and prolific garden designer. When we were assigned the 2020 annual report for the Philadelphia Contributionship group of insurance companies—for the 13th consecutive year—she thought of the rare tree that’s named for one its founders, Benjamin Franklin, the Frankliana. Like the tree, the company thrived in its 269th year by depending on its sturdy roots and adaptability during a year marked by global changes in the climate and a horrific pandemic. Let’s face it, annual reports can be, well, dull. By illustrating it with beautiful antique botanical illustrations and modern photos of Franklin’s namesake tree, this colorful report is an homage to another successful year by America’s oldest insurance company. We’ll just leaf it at that.

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