A Digital Publishing Workflow for a Long-Distance Client

Remove the Stress from Your Publication Editing Process

The California-based Learning Policy Institute (LPI) advances evidence-based policies that support empowering and equitable learning for children by working with policymakers, researchers, educators and community groups. We’ve worked with LPI since its inception in 2014, developing communication systems to share the work it does, such as briefs, fact sheets, project profiles, conference materials, research reports and summaries, and its corporate stationery.

In additional to the design aspect of the work, we also set up communication systems between ourselves and LPI to make our work together more straightforward, since we were 2,903 miles and three time zones apart.

Creation of an Adobe InCopy workflow for Simple Copy Editing

We instituted a system for in-house editors to make text changes to our layout files remotely. Utilizing cloud storage and Adobe InCopy, our layout and design files were made available so that our client could make text changes themselves. This allowed editors to make copy changes without incurring the cost and time required if done by the design team. This was particularly effective given the 3 hour time difference.

Team Project Management

We instituted a messaging communication pathway specific for each project (we often worked on several projects simultaneously). Each project had a unique channel for text communication and sharing of files, allowing seamless collaboration between multiple client stakeholders and the design team. Projects would be funneled though their own path – from design, editing and approval to print and finally, production of graphics assets for the web.

This made the publication process efficient, providing more value to our client.