Be in the Website Driver’s Seat

Philadelphia Website Design WordPress

We design and develop websites that are ready for clients to start using themselves. We explain the system, but then you’re in the driver’s seat. (Don’t worry, we’ll give you a tour—and we’re only a phone call away.)

No Coding Needed

We choose WordPress for the sites we design as it’s user-friendly. The backend screens have simple fields for adding text and photos, so you don’t need to know HTML when you want to make an update. (But you can pretend it’s very high-tech if you want to impress people.)

That may sound obvious, but we’re always surprised how many companies charge low site-design fees but then slap on a hefty, nonnegotiable monthly retainer fee. We don’t do that. Our upfront fee includes a slick, clean, easy-to-update WordPress site that you can add to as you want, when you want. No extra charges.

Custom Built with Room to Grow

Right from the beginning, we listen to you and focus on your message and your audience. We tailor your new site so it’s a perfect fit for you and the people you want to reach. And since websites are not static and need to grow and change over time with fresh content, we give you the ability to make easy updates.

Keys to the Car

We drop them right in your hand. We take pride in our clients taking over the sites we design and develop for them. You will have admin access to the WordPress backend, and hosting plans will be in your name. We provide custom documentation and a one-hour training session for every site we build so you can become familiar with the site functions. We also include 30 days of post-launch support to address any needs that come up once the site goes live and you have had an opportunity to make additions.

Bottom line? We don’t hold you hostage: We trust our clients to take over the running of their own website. We want you to succeed.