Malish & Pagonis is a Philadelphia graphic design firm. We draw upon an enormous network of specialists who work with us on many projects. With cutting-edge design tools, we produce graphic projects that meet ridiculously high standards: our own. We have been doing this work for so long that listening to our clients and interpreting their visions is second-nature to us. As a result, our clients are very happy and loyal people.

As two people running a small business, we are in the habit of looking for the most cost-effective solution to every problem. We bring that talent to bear for our clients, too.

Though the results of what we do may look simple, graphic design and production is anything but. The process is technically complex, intellectually challenging and very demanding. (That’s why our enthusiasm for this craft never ends.) Our goal is to make the process understandable, enjoyable and rewarding for each client, whether or not they choose to be involved in the nitty-gritty.

While we work hard to maintain old-fashioned standards of good relationships and quality work, we are nearly maniacal about design and production technology. We invest substantially in cutting-edge hardware and software, and in our own continuing education. Our passion for technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with our clients, share the stages of our work effortlessly, and maintain the level of quality and appearance they demand from a first-class organization.

If you’d like to discuss your project, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 610.660.9044.